About us

Bol Platoon (BP) is a little space in the blog-sphere that will endeavour to revive the rationalism, pluralism & tolerance.

BP was launched on December 16, 2014 after the deadly attack of APS Peshawar to curb extremism through debate.

Initially, Bol Platoon started as a Facebook platform. In early 2016 we built this website in English and Urdu. It has been relaunched after a break of 2 years in 2020. We publish articles, stories, news and fiction pieces and are aiming to launch visual storytelling tools such as short videos, documentaries, infographics etc. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Given the shifting landscape of digital media and the growing number of Pakistanis online, Bol Platoon has attempted to support and strengthen citizen voices and provide a platform to young writers, bloggers and v-loggers so that citizen journalism turns into a responsible and constructive branch of country’s media environment and promote pluralism and tolerance for debate.

We hope to challenge the peculiar environment of biased journalism and give citizens a voice to critique and question the mainstream media outlets and their subtle and sometimes deliberate attempts to promote the narratives of the powerful.

Reach out to us on Facebook or at social@bolplatoon.com for any queries.