Life is an elusive thing. I detest Doctor Umar’s widely spread sarcastic smile mocking my stats result. I resent the subject so am I not worthy of being praised for acing this one with flying colours?

Judgement is not up to the people. They do not have the right to meddle in your affairs. After all what do they gain from it?

Fine! I mean you like a student because he is devoted towards studies, understood!

But who gave you the authority to disregard someone’s efforts, their dreams and ambitions based on your own inflated assumptions? Why act snobbish and grant a certificate of nod only to those you desire? It’s pretentious and condescending which gives air to discrimination and revulsion in the society. They exhibit only one trait; to exhibit their flamboyant nature and seek attention, all along watching the world burn before them. Yes! They might be super-talented and socially accomplished but as a teacher they have disappointed the mass, the future of this nation.

Since childhood we have been fed that teachers are our spiritual parents. But shouldn’t they be obligated to function as one?

Intelligence is a gift cherished by all but the competency differs from one person to another. The criticism that teachers hurl at students creates a large vacuum in your personality, a void that cannot be fulfilled. You start discrediting yourself and lose hope for success. You roam aimlessly until you lose yourself into a fancy world created by your own imagination and hence losing the perspective of reality.

Everyone possesses different talents and capacities. The calibre is not the same. Diversity is the charm of everything. Each student differs from another and deserves a little appreciation form their mentor to groom their talents, just a little push can do wonders. Society, company, friends and family are also influential but the role played by the authority aforementoned is most reliable. A slight encouragement might prove to be significant. Who knows that’s all he needs to be the next Arfa Karim. Reform your children, teachers! It is you who hold the future of this country! You who would be written down as the advisers of the heroes to come!  It is You who would go down in history as the perpetrators of a ruined state or an enlightened utopia! So man up and play the part.


Sidra Ansar


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